Accommodating IT-consultant with strong results.

Systems administrator / IT-consultant with solid experience from global companies in production, SMV segment support within IT services and various specialized application competencies acquired working as an operational and implementations consultant.


Working with various applications and technologies I have collected a vast amount of knowledge in builing infrastructure components to support them in availability, virtualisation, performance and structural management via lean thinking.

With an ”enterprise mindset”, I know the importance of metadata. I am accustomed to take into account the aspects of dependencies and awareness for lurking pitfalls that could arise over time.

By nature I am curious, open minded and always on the look for ”best of breed” solutions.
I am a strong generalist who likes to simplify and automate where it is applicable.

I can clearly identify with adjektives as structured and detail-oriented, but am also shining through as patient, analytical, input-oriented, humble and humoristic.

I like the procedural journey and put an honor in a well documented system.

Project participation has been at core of my work alongside own coordination of small projects in migrations, upgrades, implementations and designs from bottom and up.

The Colleague Lars

I thrive in an open environment emphasizing honesty and sparring spirits.
I appreciate the clear and unambiguous communication in situations where required, but I charish the humorous communications form.

I like to dive into challenges, especially with other likeminded to have the sharing of knowledge and to be creative toghether.

A good day for me would be to help others with their challenges and at the same time ensuring they understand the solutions pitfalls . I strive for solutions that can permanently mitigate challenges and supported by processes to make thing even better.

The Private Lars

Sparetime is used together with my children, self created art, fishing, walking the dog and running in nature. Small renovation projects and gardening is highly appreciated.
Private IT Lab build on ESXi for Firewall/router and Proxmox for containeres hosting webservers, mail server, cloud storage and medie server all on open source software.

I am available for any questions at any time via interview either remote or onsite.

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